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That Place

“And He said to them, [As for you] come away by yourself to a deserted place, and rest a while…” Mark 6:30(amp)


Tractor Girl got up early one morning and before 6:00am made breakfast, made some bath salts, and roasted some coffee. After everything was finished, grabbing a cup of coffee, soft music in the background and a jigsaw puzzle—and she sat in HIS presence. And I thought, I never want to leave this place.

Come away to a place by yourself and rest.

And when I do, tractor girl does not want to come back out.

That place of rest.
That place of solitude.
That place of refuge.
That place where HE will hide me against everything that comes my way.

To quote a child hood favorite, “North winds blow. South winds blow. Typhoons. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. SMOOOGGG!!!” (Elmer Fudd)

Is not that what life feels like at times? Everything around is topsy-turvy. Nothing makes any sense. Common sense isn’t quite so common. Right becomes left. Up becomes down. A circle becomes a square. Yeah—“square peg, round hole.”
Trying to put our arms around it all, the soul becomes troubled.

We look for peace, solitude—answers.

Come away to a place by yourself and rest.

Viciously and so often without warning, life “comes for us.”  Tides, waves, and rip-roaring currents approach us and overtake us. Drowning we flop around trying to gain a breath with each buoy above water,  before submerging under again. Every rise above sea level seems to take a deeper plunge into the deep. We cry because of the violent weather and look at it in alarm—because it does not appear to be HIM.
But, HE says “come” for it is I.
To a place–to That Place.

That Place at HIS feet.
That Place of Rest and Refuge.
That Place where my cry is heard.
That Place where my overwhelmed heart is comforted.
That Place where HE will hide me against everything that rises against me.
That Place beyond questions, doubts, chores and chaos.
That Place where God’s peace abides.
That Place not bound by anxiety.

Come away to a place by yourself and rest.

Lead me to that place, that is higher than I.

And when I get there, I never want to leave That Place.