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It Just Seems Too Soon…

Why do the flowers cease to bloom?

What makes the berries stop bearing?
What causes the breasts to no longer bring forth milk?
What makes the young eagle leave the nest or the young child go away from home?

Because to everything there is a season.

Nothing on this earth lasts forever. There is a beginning and an end to everything. And only THE CREATOR knows the date stamp for each and every living thing.

So it is appointed for every living thing to end.
A vapor, James says.
It is appointed unto man to die, and then judgment.

Yes, I get it—I think.
No—I don’t. Because sometimes it just seems like the end comes to soon.

On February 1, I wrote in my journal the beginning of a new month and the anticipation of what it held.
On February 4, I wrote that one of my good friends had transitioned; and in my finite, limited mind, it happened way too soon.

But, I really get it. Well, at least my mind gets it.
She is better off, wouldn’t trade the sufferings of this world for where she currently is.
To live is Christ, and to die is gain.
The usual clichés that surround death, especially one that seems too soon, swarm around us with well intent.
“God doesn’t make any mistakes.”
“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of HIs saints.”
“To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.”
Yes, my mind gets it, but my heart doesn’t.
Because it still seems like it’s too soon.
Trying to swallow the sometimes tasteless well-wishes, I wonder in a short-spanned life, what happens to the three score and ten that was promised?

Understanding—really understanding—that life is a vapor and bring to continually—with the continual passing of loved ones—grasp that we are fleeting, one still wonders about life on earth ending too soon.
Dreams still tucked away in sleep.
Goals not met.
Bucket lists still full.
The less time to prepare for the transition of a loved one, seems to strike the chords more loudly of life on earth ending too soon.
Were there goals, dreams and purposes left uncovered, unrevealed?
The voice of silence and procrastination seem to scream loudly when a loved one is not granted the three-score and ten that we assume we should get.

The idea of death is portrayed so bitterly, cruel and harsh. It dangles its shadow over every living thing, almost taunting our physical limitations—reminding us that we all are but dust.

So, what do we do? How do we cope?
We cannot erase time or bring back loved ones who have gone with visions unleashed.

But we can continue to LIVE.
We can make an attempt—a bigger attempt to live. To seize the day. Carpe Diem.
WE can make every attempt to live each moment as if it was our last.
We can purpose to conquer fears, go through the waters, fight the floods. Live.
Enjoy the freedoms.
Embrace the failures.
We give our fullest to live, to grab life by the back of the neck and say “I will get all I can out of you while I can.”
For HE has said that HE did come to give us life—and it more abundantly. So, we live life abundantly. Strip from it all the good that it can afford us. Learn from it all the bad that it gives. And when the abundance of life on this side taps out, HE—through the pathway of death—will usher us into the eternal life, where we will never die.
And will continue to Live!