Lunch With The Squirrels


Genesis 28:16
Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!”

Glimpses of God in the hard are simply breathtaking

Enter, tractor girl to the park for lunch. Upon arrival, she immediately notices a couple of squirrels perched on park benches. They looked “at home” and appeared to be inviting tractor girl to come.

Come, have lunch with us.  We’ve kept your seat.

Sitting in the car watching them, knowing that her movement would cause them to scatter, she caught her breath and for a moment, breathed once again in the hard.


She thought  “I wish I knew ‘squirrel language’ to convince them not to leave when I approach.”

As nature would have it, they scatter as she approaches. Flopping down upon the squirrel’s bench, she unpacks her lunch. The thought of playing soft music was subsided by the notice of sweet melodies already playing. The ballads of the birds. The chirp of the cricket. The scurry of the squirrels. The buzz of the bees. All producing sounds sweeter to the soul and spirit than anything that could ever be manufactured. The blare of a nearby siren signaling danger nor the screech of hurried tires against the pavement did little to override the beautiful sounds of nature already filling the air.

Lunch unpacked, and amazingly another glimpse of HIM as one of the squirrels approach her feet. It scurries away. But as they take rest on a neighboring bench, they look at her and she looks back and amazingly they speak the same language.

Holy, Holy, Holy,  Lord God Almighty!

Glory, dominion, honor and power to THE ONE who is and who is to come!

Yes, in this place, this hard place–I see God. This place whose name is now Beer-lahai-roi, for here I’ve seen God. For a moment, I see HIM again.

Not in anger. Not in distress. Not hurried. Not in the form of angels or majestic beings. But at the park benches in the form of a squirrel saying, “come away to a place by yourself and rest a while.”

Yes, in the middle of the hard, we can continue to see HIm. In the middle of the dry places, we find HIM in the form of water. In those moments filled with fear and anxiety, we can seize HIS peace—HIS peace that surpasses all understanding. In the dark times, we can see HIS everlasting light.

Oh, the treasures of seeing HIM in the hard.

God revealed. Emmanuel. God with us.

As simple as it may have seen, lunch with the squirrels was God’s way of telling tractor girl, “I’m still with you—even in the hard.” And tractor girl can declare as Jacob did at Bethel after he had rested his head upon a stone when fleeing his angry brother, “Surely the Lord is in this place and I wasn’t even aware of it!”

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