Our Vision

I am so excited that you are here and have decided to partake in this adventurous journey with us.  This journey that culminates a life time of hobbies, passions, pursuits and purposes.  Yes, this company is a composite of divinely inspired talents and gifts–“for such a time as this.”

Our Vision

To offer products and services that satisfy and improve the spirit, soul and body.



Our Mission

Much of what we buy is mass-produced and made for the sole purpose of profit.  Our mission is to provide hand-crafted products and services that are made for the love of the product or service.  In a world where making money is the end goal, our mission is to provide our products for the consumer’s enjoyment.  Fresh-roasted coffee, hand-made candies, all-natural body essentials, home-grown produce are all for the enjoyment and betterment of the body and the soul.  How refreshing to find a place that offers its products and services for the mere fact of satisfying the consumer.  Each and every item by The CoffeeLady31  is crafted with love, care and life; life that makes the crafter come alive.


Our Purpose

Based on Hippocrates statement, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” The CoffeeLady31’s purpose is to empower the consumer with the necessary goods to provide not only enjoyment but an improvement and healing, if you will,  of the body. Coffee, candies, crafts and essentials are hand-made with wholesome products and  minimal, if any, preservatives. The intake of more items of benefit and the less intake of items of detriment, the body has a better chance of operating in its original intent.  Our purpose is to empower the consumer with the knowledge that our bodies are our temples, so we should be mindful of what we ingest, what we put on topically, and what we mentally absorb, because all of these things become who we are.


You will also find at this site, gardening and farming information.  From the Garden to the Kitchen will offer gardening tips and recipes.  thumb_IMG_0879_1024








Lastly, please enjoy the blogs that are posted periodically.  Written words that I believe are inspired by God–again for the consumer to enjoy.

The aim is to please you.  So, let us know what you think or how we can better service you.

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The CoffeeLady31



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