Go Deeper Still…

Whoever finds his [ lower] life will lose it [the higher life], and whoever loses his [lower] life on My account will find it [the higher life]. Matthew 10:39

The process of surrender is worse than the actual act of surrender. During the process, thoughts of what the surrender will entail, what it will look like, what it may cost can be frightening. What man wishing to build a farm or king engaging in conflict does not first consider what it will take? Whether there is sufficient means to finish the job?

But, what will the surrender mean? What will the possible conflict require? What amount of time and material is required to rebuild? How many fatalities during the conflict? How much will “the surrender” cost?

But, what does it profit one to gain the world and lose his soul? The attempt to not surrender and hold on to what the soul deems important, will eventually be lost. For to surrender is to gain. To loose is to win. To give up is to obtain.

Surrender…my heart, my mind, my soul, my plans, my will.


Surrender to rebuild.

To rebuild; to build again.
To love again.
To forgive again.
To go deeper still.

But, Lord we have toiled all night and caught nothing(Luke 5:5). We have done this before. This is not our first rodeo. Not sure if there is anything left to surrender. We have loved. We have forgiven. We have surrendered. And, seemingly, to no avail. Our nets are empty from toiling all night.

Yet still echoing across the waves— Surrender. Go Deeper Still

Love again.
Forgive again.
Do it again,

Let’s rebuild.

Remove the rubbish of pain and bitterness, resentment and regrets. Remove the substitutions that have been used to fill the deficit. Clear the way to rebuild, again. To Love, again. To Forgive, again.

Surrender. Go Deeper Still…

And, how many times, Lord, must I do this? How often should I love again, forgive again? I’ve surpassed seven, and probably eight, nine and ten.

However, at your WORD, I will—again. Not just seven, but seventy times seven. Until you say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

I continue to sit in awe of HIM. Yet again in awe. For HE can take me once again beyond the borders of my hard place and allow me to find HIM again. To find PEACE, again. To find LOVE, again. To go, once again, deeper into the oceans—even when clouds of pain seem darker and turbulent waters appear more violent. To launch out deeper still.


*I come to give you life. I come to give you peace. I come to give you joy. No other body or thing can give you what you need. Every gift within you will come forth easily in my rest. In my peace. In my joy. The only effort required of you is availability. Just a yes. Just a surrender. *

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