Allowing “them” to know “HIM”

“She watches over the ways of her household…” Proverbs 31:27

One of the hardest things about being a mom, is watching your children grow up. The mother eagle tendency never goes away. The desire to always nurture, hover, and protect the “baby eagles” seem to persist the more as time progresses. There’s nothing like the fury of a mother defending her babies—whether age six or sixty.

The problem comes when the baby eagles are no longer eaglets. So, strange is the picture of one adult eagle fighting to defend another adult eagle.

This Mother’s Day has been one of the strangest. Highs and lows. Good and bad. Certainties and uncertainties.  Anticipation of the new and yet a foreboding fear of the unexpected. Expectation of a new addition in October for newlyweds and recent completion of college graduation for baby son has emotions on a roller coaster. Watching the couple work through situations and transitions as they prepare for another dimension in their lives has me wanting to come to the rescue. Watching baby son determine his next move—his purpose in life, makes me want to fly in and give direction.

But that’s not what it’s all about.
That’s not how it’s done.

The eaglet–that’s no longer a baby—must jump out of the nest and learn to soar upon its own wings. The young eagle must learn the joy and the dangers of flying solo.
The “young eagle” will learn and become a wise eagle as he stumbles and falls and begins the process of learning of HIM.  And he has to do that upon his own merit.  Not at the direction and rescue of Mama Eagle.

I rare back and take solace in the fact that I know HIM. I continue to learn of HIM.
El Shaddia.

Mama Eagle abides in HIM, rests in HIM, and gets direction from HIM.  She loves HIM.  In HIM she lives, moves and has her being.

And her young off-spring must learn the same.

So, against everything within her, Mama Eagle steps back and allows Jehovah to become God of the young eagles’ lives.  Trusting in prayers that ever prevail.
Trusting that as HE has never failed her, HE will never fail them.

Continuing to watch over the ways of her household, they will never cease being her babies.

Forever Baby Eagles in her eyes.

Always eaglets.

But now Eagles…nonetheless.

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