Happy New Year

Sensing this to be “the year of the pen” for tractor girl, I begin this first day of 2018 with a blog.

So, the year 2018 begins. Another flip of the calendar…another year. Another mountain of resolutions and regrets. Another year of claiming “this is my year.” Another year passed of celebrations, sorrows and losses. Another anticipation of beginning again.

Thankful that The Creator has arranged things so that life gives us an opportunity to reset, to recalibrate, and prepare for new possibilities once more. Celebrating the successes and gleaning from the failures of the year that has ended, and reaching, hoping, and pressing for the things that are ahead in the new year.

Mixed emotions shroud us as we step from one year into the next. Glad that 2017 is gone with all of its challenges and disappointments. Yet, somewhat anxious about the unknowns of 2018.

Tractor girl loves yearly planners. With each year, I shop for the right one and with excitement begin decorating the spaces with events and activities. Makes me feel…important?

But, as I started the planner for 2018, my mind reflected to the events of 2017. Most of the events that happened in 2017 were not in my planner.

Yet, the year 2017 was amazing!

Was it full of success stories and triumphs? No
Was it full of an overabundance of prosperity and good health? No.
Was it filled with good relationships and great friendships? No.

In fact, au contraire.

But it was filled with the footsteps and the constant presence of The Almighty! HE who never changes walked with me the entire year!

The things that HE blessed me the most with in 2017 was not the tangible, but the intangible. HE was with me. YHWH was with me all the time.  “He walked with me and He talked with me…”

The year 2018 brings the excitement of newness and yet the apprehension of not knowing exactly what it holds. But HE, The God of It All, will be the same God of 2018 as HE was in 2017, in 1918 and as HE will be in 2118…and for that I am beyond thankful.

I pray that this become a year where we know, all the more, that YHWH, Emmanuel is with us, all the year.

Ephesians 1:19
I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him.